Aysu Textile
Customers’ Demands
Customers’ Demands
We arrange preparations up to production demands which are sent by our customers. We are gathering all the info of new collections such as colors, fabric types, designs, product modals etc. All our pre-works are arranged by following these points.
Not only for production but also for sampling processes, we find the best choices of fabric types. These fabrics have perfect grammage (gsm), true colors / designs and very nice softness. Then, we use these fabrics in production and sampling.
We are supplying all kinds of zippers, buttons, snaps, labels, hang tags, inlays, bags, craft bags,bias, piping etc. We are searching for all these accessories and developing different materials for our customers. We prefer the highest quality accessories always.
We produce different kinds of knit modals by using our knitting machines. We are working on new knitting methods, developing new modals and produce all knitting products / samples which are asked by our customers.
All the product modals, which are demanded by our customers, were changed to digital form. We are managing this process by using our drawing softwares and high technology devices.
Preparations were started after determining of fabrics and accessories which we need. Then, we make plans for cutting, stitching, printing, embroidering operations. After all, we start to apply all these steps just in time.
Cutting processes are managed studiously, to get all modal pieces from fabric rolls. Firstly, fabric spreading is done on the cutting tables; then our high – tech auto cutter machine cut all the fabrics to get modal pieces.
All the embroidery designs can be done by our embroidery machines which have laser cut technology. When customers send the designs, we work on them with all the details (colors, yarns etc.) and finally, we can have them in real. We can make embroideries every type of designs on all kind of fabrics.
The most critical point is this; stitching! While orders transform to real products, stitching works are the most important processes and we are rally care about it. We are very sensitive to give the highest quality laboring and perfect details. We are checking the laboring and stitching in our intermediate controls. If customers ask different types of stitchings, we can also supply them because of having different type of stitching machines in our machine parkour.
Quality Control
Quality Control
All of the final products are checked in quality control department. These controls are done to check mistakes, traces, problems etc. on the products. We never allow to pass problematic products from these controls. If we notice some products which are not enough well, we eliminate them and don’t send these products to the customers.
Our experienced packaging people make all the packages before sending the products. We can use plastic bag, gelatin bag, PVC bag, kraft bag or some other different packs. And we can evaluate and use different kinds of inlay, hang tag etc. for packagings. At the end, we paste barkode and warning text stickers on the packages.
After finishing production and quality control, all the products are put into carton boxes perfectly. Then, we send them all to our customers. Up to customers’ demands, we can send the shipments by truck, plane (air) or vessel (sea).