Aysu Textile has passed every kind of audits and also every year repeated audits are being done in the company, such as BSCI, BCI (Better Cotton), Oeko-Tex and Organic (GOTS and OCS).

We have Oeko-Tex, Organic (GOTS and OCS), Better Cotton (BCI) certificates. Plus them, every year we are passing BSCI audits with high grades. We are very sensitive about our audits, certificates and other technical documentations.

OEKO-TEX; Aysu Textile has Oeko-Tex certificate for all the baby product groups. Our suppliers have this certificate also. So, all the materials (which are sued in production) are certified.

BSCI; This is the most important social audit in the world, about workers' rights, working areas' conditions, applying laws in the companies etc. Most of brands want to work with producers who pass BSCI audits with high grades. Aysu Textile is one of these successful producers in Turkey.

BCI; Brands want to use natural, healthy and tracable cotton yarns in their products. Aysu Textile is a part of this system and if you prefer BCI procedures, here is the true address.

GOTS & OCS; Baby textile products can be organic. Most of brands want to sell organic baby textile items. At this point, these brands' producers have to supply GOTS and OCS certificates. Aysu Textile can produce GOTS and OCS products with all certificates and documents.