About Us

Aysu Textile was established in 1999, Denizli / Türkiye. For nearly 20 years, the most beautiful and high quality baby textile products are being produced and exported by the company. The best baby textile brands which are from Europe and UK, are working with Aysu Textile for their collections.

12.000 m2 Closed Area, Very Big and New Building

The factory is located in 12.000 m2 closed area. In this big building, there are production areas, such as fabric warehouse, embroidery, printing,..

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Why US ?

Aysu Textile, since the first day, have been following the new development in the sector. For all materials, production methods, high technology machines, sensitive applications in quality control process or similar things, we are searching for the best solutions. Educated, open minded and experienced personal is ready for you here. Production capasity is flexible and it c.. click for more.

Customer Happiness

In textile sector, because of customer satisfaction, high quality standards must be protected and must race against the time. Especially the baby textile sector has more and more sensitive processes. On this point, Aysu Textile gives big support to its customers. Orders are sent just in time and high quality products are done; and customers are happy… click for more.

Our Quality Policy

Aysu Textile, because of having its own quality policy, gives perfect service to the customers about affordable prices, high quality products, fast deliveries etc., base on customers’ demands. Plus this, following constant development principle, human resources, materials and machines are being developed always. click for more.